Saturday, October 14, 2006

Switching out clothes

I refused to wear shorts anymore this year. That means Brian has to pull the steps down and rummage around the attic for about 5 Spacebags and a plastic box. I use to have all boxes until I got the SpaceBags a few years ago. The big ones won't stay flat. And they really wrinkle my clothes. I have mostly long sleeve cotton tees in solid colors and dark trousers. I have too many, but I will only part with them when they get seedy looking. I do have a rule that I must fill up a kitchen trash bag for the Goodwill with clothing that never looked good on me. I don't want to be like my mom in that respect-having entire bedrooms filled with clothing. So it took 4 CDS(I'm warming up for the James Taylor concert this coming Tuesday night) to get most of it switched. The bags are all in the living room right now as I have to suck out the air in them with the vacuum tomorrow and Sean wants to get his stuff down before mine are loaded up there. Brian has one small box or bag-I forget (that's a guy for you, though Sean has tons of clothes). I can't find my nightgowns, they may be tucked behind the headboard. I have to go all through this twice a year because we have teeny closets in here. We each have an armoire, but not having a big enough closet is a pain too. I have one bedroom closet, plus half of another-and a hope chest. Guess I just have too many clothes. I take good care of them, so I have them a while.
After church we went to a pizza place in nearby Hockessin so we could use a buy one get one free pizza coupon from the Entertainment book that will expire soon. We got a veggie one and a shrimp pesto one and they were good! Last night I had a tuna and white bean dish along with some mac and cheese. The guys liked the tuna this way! It was really easy and beans are an excellent source of fiber.


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