Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yippee! The back massager came today. It's a little different than the one at Peebles. The one in the store did your 'cheeks' also! ; ) I tried it after I came home from my mom's and it was nicely digging in my back. Mom got one too, so I hope it helps her. It seems that everyone is suffering from varying degrees of tummy problems this week, including mom and me. I only went down to her house today because she was going to the eye doctor and I thought she needed someone to drive her if they dilated her pupils-they did not. I had the 'bulk' of my tummy problems yesterday and today I was cramping up more.
We went to Filene's Basement in a nearby shopping center and it left us cold. We went to Marshall's next to it and I got Sean a few birthday gifts. It's hard to know what to get him, especially as he gets older. I won't say what I got in case he happens upon this post.
We decided to get Chinese food. I just got sweet and sour chicken and ate a lot of rice. We went to the Dollar Tree afterwards as I needed a few things and I went through the place lickety split while mom was in like row 4 when I was finished. I scooted her along as I'm not crazy about driving by myself in the dark. So that was the extent of my day. I was glad to get that massage! I think I will keep it permanently hooked up on the 4th chair in the dining area.
Lewis Black, the comedian who we saw Saturday night was on Conan on Monday night and repeated a lot of the same material without the 'F' bombs-sounded so much better. My favorite-'When you go to the casinos, take a roll of quarters and go back up to your room. Start flushing the quarters one by one down the toilet. This is good because every once in a while it backs up and you feel like you've won!'


  • At 6:29 AM, Blogger Annemarie said…

    That back massager sounds heavenly! If I were you I'd never get up again. Hope your tummy's getting better!

  • At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dianne, I also have a back massager that I keep next to my stitching recliner, and it's wonderful. I have an arthritic spine, and the heat is also a help.
    Welp, the tummy problems have hit me too. Diarrhea and cramps, and I have it much too often. I just don't venture too far from home when it hits, LOL!
    Oh, and lovely rainbow prism in your kitchen!


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