Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back in Black

The three of us traveled down to Widener University where we saw comedian Lewis Black last night. The photo below is the best shot we got. I'd say we were in the 10th row back. They has a smaller section of seats right in front of the stage, and then the general admission-us. On stage first was one of the segment and senior producers from The Daily Show who warmed up the audience. His name was Rory Albanese. He started to drop a lot of 'f' bombs. I was wondering if Lewis would-Lew did! He says he does because he gets mad. Said the people who watched their houses floating away after Katrina didn't say 'Oh pussyfeathers!' We enjoyed his show. We walked out to a firework display for the finale of the college's homecoming events. Bri took the second photo and I took the first. I went to Widener for about 2 months and dropped out back in 1980. I was an education major, but it proved to difficult of a school for me. The campus has a lot of new additions and looked so different to me.


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