Monday, October 16, 2006

Sat and Sun

I settled in to watch the TLC shows Saturday night after all that clothes sorting and was in almost total shock over the rude behavior of the homeowner from Wyncote, PA. on Trading Spaces. She really hated her kitchen. And that was after her neighbors ripped down the 100s of Burpee sunflower seed packets off the wall. Doug Wilson was one of the designers and he reminded her that she signed up for the show and to basically expect the unexpected. She said that they did the show for themselves (the designers) not the homeowners! Oy! She got a new microwave and little flatscreen tv in the deal. So it turns out, this is two weeks later, that she pulled her horns in by doing a simple 'paint job' and moving her old table back in place- butta wouldn't melt in her mouth! Some people!!
Today I was a little zombie-like from having insomnia until about 3:30 am. This happens sometimes when I drink cola after 6 at night. I pulled myself away from playing with PSP7 to make a turkey meatloaf. I was trying some 'new' ingredients like mustard/horseradish and worchestershire sauce. The sauce just dumped into my meat mixture instead of sprinkling like it is suppose to do. I managed to pour most of it off, but added brown sugar and more bread crumbs to take away some of the strong flavor. It was actually very good! I threw together some drop biscuits and brownies too. My oven was working overtime!
Things are getting tidied up well on the main floor of the house. I plan to do more later in the week.
I am getting so excited about the James Taylor concert coming up Tuesday night. We have good seats, not excellent ones, but I am thrilled to see JT again after over 9 yrs.


  • At 6:51 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    Gosh, they can come do an overhaul on my house and I wouldn't complain about anything!!! lol I can't believe how some people can be...ungrateful to the end! Sounds like you've been busy...I just bought some storage containers and will start on my "clean out the closets and store everything" project soon! lol Hope the James Taylor concert is all you hope it to be...have FUN!!!!!

  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Von said…

    You've really gotten lots done the last few days, Dianne! Swapped out the wardrobe and cooked/baked your little heart out, then tidying your house - you deserve your night with James Taylor! :D


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