Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking up...a bit

So I bit the bullet and found out about my ultrasound-yes I have fibroids and they aren't too bad. And I have a shadow on my liver, I've been told that before. Whether or not my family doctor wants me to get that checked out is up to her. I have fatty liver as does my younger brother. It seems to be a family issue. I still think Lyme Disease is playing with my system after all these years. I've never been the same since 1997, so for the last nine years. I was just reading that you can get it through mosquitoes too! I had a few terrible bites on my leg, one of which is finally going away after 4 months-I kid you not! It was healing funny, like overscabbing. Colleen said little Tori had the same kind of bite. My Uncle and my mom's neighbor have been infected by LD more than once.
I was looking at a correlation between women's cycles and Lyme disease and found a page about the nervous system. There was a questionnaire and I could relate to a lot of the questions-being in crowds, feeling like I've been touched and haven't (<-not that often). Though my brother called me oversensitive, maybe I really am! My mom always said I was the loudest baby in the nursery like the other babies and noise or lights were bothering me. To this day I prefer the evenings to the mornings. I did not grow up in the most stable environment (divorced parents) which surely didn't help a sensitive little girl. I am writing this in hopes that other people who may have these issues will write to me. It's hard to have issues that you just can't pinpoint. You try to live a normal life and enjoy the little things-that's all you can do.


  • At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can relate to the oversensitive part. I have a very low tolerance for noise, light etc and I get very anxious in crowds etc, and I can't stand to have people touch me. I also have a bad tendency to take on the moods of people around me. Of course this can be a good thing as it makes us more empathetic to others' feelings but can also be a big drain on us personally. I read a good book once about ultrasensitive people which made me realise all the good and bad things which come from this. Plus it's part of our makeup and we can't do anything to change it! Email me if you want to talk about this some more.

  • At 5:43 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    The only thing I am overly sensitive to is the sun and any other kind of bright light...but that's due to having had eye surgery when I was 8 years old and been sensitive to light since. I'm happy you called for your ultra sound results...make sure you ask your doctor about the spot on your liver. Do you have to have the fibroids removed?


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