Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Truly blest part 2

Tons of birthday cards! (with a few Thanksgiving ones too)
The lovely gifts I described earlier
I'm still a little wonky, though I slept 6 straight hours last night. I heard nothing. One magic pill! Too bad I have 13 more to go. I never heard from Don. This makes me so sad for mom and me. I try to be a good sister and send him goodies in the mail once in a while. I think being around us reminds him of things he didn't like about his childhood. Personally, I try to focus on the fun memories from then.
I hope everyone who is cooking in two days is ready! I'm not. I still need a few ingredients and to get the table ready. Thank goodness for one more day!


  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    So, how are you feeling? Bladder infections are really rotten.

    Sorry about your brother. My brother, too, prefers to dwell on the unhappy memories of growing up and it hurts my parents. Like you, I try to hold on to the more pleasant times. There's enough ugliness in life without carrying it around from our childhoods.

  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    Loved seeing all the cards and gifts you recieved:-) Sure hope your bladder infection heals up real soon, they are horrible to have!! We always seem to have one family member that no matter how much we try to please, they stay away and don't contact anyone. I do hope one day your brother will come around and not let the past rule his future!!


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