Saturday, October 21, 2006

Freaky Friday

Sean wanted to get the oil changed in his car, so I found a coupon in the book (you have to get one) for a place about 20 minutes away in Tallyville, DE (the book is for DE since we live so close, and there are some PA coupons in it too). So we went to the Firestone place looking to send $15 and spent close to $600! We opened a credit account with them. The guy said we needed a battery and new tires. I knew about the battery, but he said the tires were really wearing down like an old rubberband (have you heard that one?)And then then the tires had to be aligned, so we got that too-lifetime alignment. I have to know Sean is safe driving back and forth and when he takes the car to school with him next year. He has a used car, so I want things to be in top condition. So, he has the money for the above, which is nice too. Glad he worked this year. Now we have two freebie oil changes and we'll be taking the van back in a week or so.

We were going to go to the movies at 4:00 and missed that show, so we went to the 7:30 viewing of 'Man of the Year' starring Robin Williams, Laura Linney, Christopher Walken and who we just saw in person- Lewis Black. It was an okay movie. Lewis had a decent role in it. But Robin, was just too much like the real Robin (he was playing a comedian afterall). I heard that Jon Stewart would have been good, but it was like a play of his role on 'The Daily Show'. I don't see people going bonkers to vote for Jon Stewart (I like him though).

Before the movie we had gone to the mall for a few hours and ate at Ruby Tuesday (the triple prime burger is really delicious) and Sean picked out a few birthday presents-a Perry Ellis wallet and Penn State pj bottoms.

We got home to learn that Brian's car had broken down on him in Amish country-the starter died! He had been having some problems with it lately, had someone else check it out and he found nothing). He hurt his knee walking across 6 lines of highway to get to a dealership. He got 'soaked' a bit for the towing (like 75 feet) and the repair. When it rains it pours.

I haven't posted any stitching photos lately because I've only been working on one thing, the neighborhood round robin for the last month. I thought we were going to try and get them in the mail in November, but now it's January. I love how it's turning out, so I bet Annemarie will enjoy it too.

I just ordered myself some charts for my The Prairie Schooler collection and some fabrics for Sugar Maple Fabrics. I wanted a pretty green for The PS Christmas trees (stitched in the shape of Christmas trees!) and I picked a pretty pastel piece too. I can't expect my family to know what I like and need, so it's better for me to chose the above as early bd gifts for myself. I did well with eBay this month (the best sales month in a year!), so I treated myself a little.

Still waiting to hear about the ultrasound from last Wednesday. It was all digital, so I am thinking my doctor had to see the results by now. Crossing fingers.


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