Sunday, October 22, 2006

Always read the directions...

On the spur of the moment last night, genius me decided to see how the new oven self-cleaned without opening the manual. I pushed a few buttons and got it to do a light clean. It got somewhat smokey and smelly in here. I finally did get out the manual and it said to take out the racks-ahh-I didn't. So I cancelled the clean. I have to wipe the racks off a bit, but it really didn't clean anything-15 minutes wasn't long enough to do so. And the ovens 'lock', so I had to wait for an hour to see what was going on. I forgot to mention I was only trying to clean the little top oven. I think I'll wait a while until it is really dirty. I don't tend to make too much of a mess in the oven unless I forget to put a pan under something and it boils over.

I believe my 'new' blogger look (to me and Lynn at least) is from the IE7. I will move or delete the bigger items in the sidebar. Thanks for those of you who replied. Do you know what you are using? Lynn said Foxfire. I heard that it was a good.


  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Hey Dianne! My mom did the same thing when she first got her oven. LOL! Me, I avoid the problem by simply not cleaning my oven. Ha ha!


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