Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thousands of clippings

Bloggers! I need your help!! I am trying so hard to clean up the unruly corner in my dining area where I already have two overflowing bookcases of cookbooks. My problem is all the recipes I've collected over 22+ yrs. The magazine and newspaper clippings, the computer printed out ones-I have a two foot stack of them. Do I go through them, do I really want to is more the question. My goal is to do something so I can share a photo of my little cookbook reading corner. Cookbooks sorting is also scary. I definitely want to keep the ones from tv shows or movies. I like salad and muffins too (I have separate cookbooks for each to these categories!) I am going to bite the bullet and throw some up on Amazon or eBay.
When I was a newlywed I made nice little booklets of a lot of my saved recipes (gee I guess I've been at it for over 25 yrs). I still have them. Looking at the recipes, well, it was the 80s and some of them aren't that appealing to me anymore. I've lived with two males who both are good eaters, but picky about certain things. Don't give Sean peas. Brian isn't crazy about squash. Ahh.
So any suggestions as to what you have done with your recipes would be much appreciated. And if you are looking for anything, let me know!
In closing, my tea cart is cleaned off, the windows are sparkling. I pared down my 'displays' in both these areas.


  • At 2:52 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Hmm. Sounds like quite the massive undertaking. I caved in a few months ago and tossed out most of the cooking magazines I had saved (because I needed that shelf to put cross stitch stuff on! LOL). I have a very old cookbook that's got blank pages and "pocket" pages in that my Grams gave me ages back, and I try to paste my favorite clippings in there, or stuff them in the pockets. However, I haven't been at it for quite 25 years yet and probably don't have as much accumulated. Do you have a recipe box? Those are also nice. And are there any recipes Sean would like to hold on to for when he's out on his own?

  • At 4:19 AM, Blogger Annemarie said…

    I'm afraid I can't be of much use to you. I'm such a clutterer. Sometimes, when all the clutter around me gets too much, I just pick it up and throw it in the bin, without even looking at what I'm throwing out. You're much more organised, though.... I think I would have a long, hard look at the recipes you definitely want to keep, store them in some space-effective way, and get rid of all the other ones. Was that any good?

  • At 9:00 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    LOL I have the exact problem as you...I love cookbooks and can never resist buying new ones or copying them down from the internet or blogging friends! Soooo, like you, I have a MESS of recipes all over the place...well actually in a big plastic storage container and a more than full bookcase! A couple of years ago I went through everything and threw out the loose recipes I didn't think I would ever use but I kept all the books and magazines...now I'm right back to square one! Hugs xoxo

  • At 12:52 AM, Blogger Von said…

    I'm trying to not be quite so sentimental anymore, actually all the stuff is driving me crazy. So I've culled many of my 80s recipes, kept the handwritten ones from my grandma and mom and gave cookbooks to Goodwill that I hadn't looked at in several years. I have a small binder for my special recipe cards.

    Good luck with your sorting, Dianne!


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