Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Warming up to Y'all Paula Deen

Now I like cooking shows as much as the next person-well...those of you who like to cook that is!
I just finished looking through Paula Deen's magazine and found some yummy recipes I want to try like Lime Coconut muffins. Or you can look on her Food Network site to find the recipes that she shares on her show there. She's a pretty Southern Belle, but I just can't stand all the y'alls. It's like people think we say 'yo' all the time because we live near Philly.
There are some expressions that Rachael Ray uses like EVOO-just say extra virgin olive oil girlfriend! I like her 'sammie' for sandwich though. Should I dare try those muffins in the next few days? My beef stew with Bisquick cheddar drop biscuits was pretty good tonight.


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