Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Would you be caught dead in these?

I was watching a local chat show from Philly called '10!', it's a live show with an audience. Sean and I were thinking about going sometime. I bet we'd have to leave here at 7:30 or so. It's almost a straight run from here, believe it or not. Anyway, a lady that helps to run a website called Daily Candy was on. She showed these babooshka shorts:

She said 'how cute' these will look with a tank. I guess she is referring to gals in their teens and 20s? Sean happen to see this in the picture section on the computer and thought they were some weird boxer shorts. I will say I like the waistband as it looks like it would hide a few rolls. : ) I was happy to find stretch demin shorts on the internet that I had to wait for!


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