Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mom's gardens

This is the bed Sean and I (plus the neighbor) worked on a few weeks ago. Those are impatiens and begonias in the front (and orange impatiens and red salvia next to the birdbath). I did add some varigated hostas, white bleeding heart and white astilbe. I wanted a mostly white garden because of it being under the lamp post there-almost like a moon garden. That is Sean hamming it up in the background. The bricks are from the front of a store we use to go to all the time called S Kleins. They were (and may still be) blue on one side. If Mom's doggie was still around, he would have trambled this already. It's the nicest it's looked here for a while.
The first of Mom's lilies are blooming. This is a Asiatic lily I got for about $1.00 at Wally World last year.


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