Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tiling part 1 complete

Yes! I put the last rectangle of tiles up next to the backdoor wall this afternoon. I pieced it a lot because I want to send about 11 sheets of the tile back for a refund. That will be about a $200 refund. Boy, did I miscalculate how much I needed. I'll have to call the seller this week to tell her I want to do this. I order 25 sheets and used 14. Hmmm...better wait to see how the tin work works before I send them back.
I then have to peel off the rest of the plastic that the tile fronts are stuck too and grout them all. Then I clean them off with a special solution and then seal them all with another solution. I saved about $400 doing this myself. : )
Sean will be helping me in the next few weeks stain the wood on the new windows. I have a lot on my platter!

We had steak on the grill tonight and it was the best we've have for a while. Not overcooked for one thing. Brian waited until the coals were ashy too. He's sometimes too quick to throw the meat on the grill when the charcoal starter stuff hasn't burnt off.
Brian added some more chicken wire fence so I could plant some green beans in the veggie garden. I also planted some delphiniums and already growing orange pinwheel zinnias. I separated some Lamb's ears into a few plants and dug up some marigolds that were coming up in the iris garden from last year. It's great to be resourceful! I also planted some fuchsia colored gaura near the pond.
Silly Cosmo was out on the back patio with Brian and me after dinner. He saw a bunny eating a discarded bagel and took off after it! He looked just like a panther, but he didn't get the bunny, thank goodness.


  • At 1:03 AM, Blogger Von said…

    Congrats on completing this step of your tiling project. I haven't done any myself, but after watching the guy install my kitchen backsplash awhile back, it seems like it could be fun, or at least satisfying to do it yourself.
    Thanks for your comments on my apron, sewing room, and garden. I was thinking the same thing about embellishing the apron. :)
    The sewing room and garden are works in progress and things should look even better by fall - yippee!!

  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Congratulations with your DIY tiling project - great job!!

    I've really enjoyed your older pictures and the scanned receipt from your grandparents honeymoon. I just love stuff like that. :-)


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