Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On a wing and a prayer

Well...almost. That tiling is surely an interesting and somewhat challenging project so far. I got brave today and peeled off the backing of two of the installed 12 x 12s. Not all the tiles are sticking (not unusual) and I had to reglue them. The old 46 yr old adhesive is to blame. But out of all the 100+ in one sheet, a few not sticking isn't all that bad. The first sheet had too much adhesive under it and I am scraping some of it away between the tiles with a knife so I have somewhere to put the grout next. The thing I am doing today is cutting my fingers on the glass shards left over when I snip the tiles. I did that three times already today! And I did the corner-like a contortionist (under the cabinet and sprawled on the countertop) getting the adhesive smooth in the corner section. I am a little worried about that area not sticking. At least I am on the next wall-it also has three outlets I have to work around which is also difficult.
Off to take some photos. : )


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