Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Waiting, waiting and more waiting....

"The measurers will be there between 10am and 2pm." She might as well said between 10am and 2am as I am still waiting. I called and they were held up at their first stop and we are the third stop. I decided to go out and plant some of my fairy/gnome garden marigolds and snapdragons and rearrange the little figures, mushrooms and furniture. I kept adding things and it needs to be expanded. ; ) It looks so sweet.
I am thrilled because I have two irises blooming and a few to follow. The two blooming are called Opalette (like a champagne blush) and Kiwi Slices (greenish with a purple middle). They are peaking my interest in being a iris/lily farmer big time. We have so much yard we don't use. Plus I bought some of the beauties off of eBay and the unusual ones get top dollar. I have a few books on this and it would be something we could do in 'our retirement'. : )
The pollen is awful and mixed in with all the dust from it being so dry. I have so much to do yet-inside and out. I need to find a happy balance. I haven't even gotten out my warm weather clothes. Speaking of which, Sean said the electrician who went in the attic where the clothes are store just threw things here and there. I told them that Brian stayed home that day to move items out of their way. They also threw things off my eBay table in the basement onto the floor! That was so uncalled for.
I need to start listing on eBay soon. I miss selling and seeing my post office pals.
~Update-the templaters showed up 4 hours late at 6 pm. They called right before dinner and we wolfed it down. It took an hour-they use cardboard and stinky adhesive spray. The sink will fit, but the carpenter is going to have to make some cuts and a support piece for that cabinet. Brian saw one of the guys tossing stuff in the dumpster and told him about it. He didn't even ask if he could use it! BTW, we had all the kitchen stuff in the dumpster on Monday and will be getting rid of doors, etc that are in the basement and yard.


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