Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

The 1st of May already! My year has been consumed with the kitchen. I am so ready to get over it and get outside and spruce up the place more!
I remember making May baskets that hung on the door knob and leaving one for my grandmom who lived with us (and mom too). Most of the time the flowers were dandelions. Someone once picked tulips or daffodils out of a neighbor's yard and got in trouble for it-I would say it was Don or Ken, one of my younger brothers. I would have never done that!
Sunday night the Extreme Home: Makeover Edition with the home in the northeast Philly area aired. It was fun to see the different sights of the city. We've never been to the Independence Hall visitor center as it is fairly new. We were wondering where the stained glass maker and the Medieval Place were (Paige the designer got the armor for her special room for the granddaughter there).
The house was beautiful and made the other houses in the neighborhood look old and sad. I'm sure the neighbors are envious to some degree, but they seem like a well loved family.
I enjoyed seeing Paul DiMeo's mom and dad from my hometown of Media stop by. I swear I have seen Mr. D in Media as he looked familiar.
The dumpster is coming tomorrow so 'cabinet-henge' will go away. That mess is driving me crazy. I hope Brian bits the bullet and gets rid of dry wall and old doors that are taking up precious space in the basement. He has a riding mower next to the shed that doesn't run either! The problem with that is the tires are flat. Wish him well at getting that one pushed into the dumpster.
Sean has three finals and he is officially a college sophomore! He got a certificate last semester for getting over a 3.5 gpa and he was listed in the incorrect major! He was a health major or something similar as listed in the program (he didn't attend the ceremony). Now he's back in Earth and Space and may switch to Meterology when he transfers to the main campus or goes to another school.


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