Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hot, dry summer predicted

Oh joy! The local weather guy, Glenn 'Hurricane' Schwartz (who we have met) said to expect 20 odd days of over 90 degree weather this summer. It's dry already!
I was out late this afternoon planting flower seeds. The home center had 40% off the unusual seeds I like-purple and lime color zinnias and white marigolds. I planted them plus some Cosmos. My allium garden got weedy, so I asked Brian to dig a footer around the perimeter of it. I think he dug up about 10 daffodils, though I didn't run across them when I was planting the seeds. The above flower seeds are no trouble at all. You just have to remember to just cover them with a light topping of 1/4 inch of soil. These are from the last few years.

I cooked a turkey meatloaf for dinner, which was good. I think my dishwasher isn't set in it's place well enough because when I open the door, it almost touches the floor and the rubber fittings on the top and sides seems to be showing too much. I guess I should call to get that corrected.
I have all the things I need for the tile work and tin work and wood trim around the new windows. I'm taking a deep breath before I start anything.
I got some more flowers at the home center, many of which were pot bound. I planted about 5 pots, two of which are teapots! I found some pale yellow phlox and put them in with the few roses that I have. This particular bed has a nice border of Sweet William. I'm almost finished. I like to get all my planting done by June 1st and then the rest of the year is maintenance.


  • At 5:27 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Good luck with your tin work, and I do hope your dry summer doesn't turn into a drought. I'd gladly share a bit of our rain!


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