Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chester County loves Barbaro!

This fella is on the local news every day! He's still 'down the road' at the New Bolton Center. I've seen it from the outside, but never inside. Everytime I see this horse, I want to cry as it was just pure rotten luck that he hurt himself so bad. He's really a beauty. I was not much of a horse lover, but I have a whole new respect for them now. We are headed near here later, maybe we can do a drive by and see what's going on. The vet says 'it's a good sign' that Barbaro is taking an interest in the mares in nearby stables. ; )
Thanks to our super local news websites for these excellent photos (ABC and NBC).

After his surgery, he was lowered into water so he wouldn't hurt himself if he started kicking.

Barbaro and his surgeon (that's a news trailer on the bottom).

23 pins and a few plates in his back leg.
~Update-Sean and I did take a drive down Rt. 926 after we went to the local home center. He was driving and was going to pull into the hospital drive, but a police officer was there. We only saw a few cars and two local news vans next to the main building. The 11 o'clock news said there was a major news conference there sometime today. I think we missed it. We saw the signs on the fence wishing Barbaro well, which was heartwarming. Jade McCarthy, a local newsperson had an 'exclusive' with Barbaro. They showed her talking with the vet and petting a rather quiet Barbaro.


  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger Carol said…

    Barbaro is soooo on my mind since his accident. It just amazes me. I think he is in excellent hands. I cannot fathom how this tragedy even took place. I pray for him several times a day and was so uplifted to see your post :-)

  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Poor Guy! I love horses and always am sad when I hear of one hurting themselves. Hopefully he will heal and lead at least a semi productive life.


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