Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do as to others?

We have been invited to a few events and we decided not to attend them. Sounds rather hasty and nasty, but when people just invite you for a gift and don't bother with you anyway, then the heck with them. First, a relative had a two kid grad party today-one from high school, one from college. Flashback 4 yrs ago-same relative but 8th grade grad and high school. Go to their house-sit outside and watch elderly relative get bombed. Graduates look at you like they don't know you. And you never get a thank you for those gifts. Every year you send same people Christmas card-they never send any to you. You stop sending them cards-finally. Relative tells Sean last year he doesn't need her $25 and never even gives him a card. So you see where I'm coming from.
Wedding invite-another relative gives the groom our address. Say like 3 words to guy getting married in 22 yrs. They don't invite Sean. Get stuck giving woman I don't know a bridal shower gift. Send invite back saying we aren't coming to the wedding. The only person I feel bad for is the groom's mom. She is Bri's dad's sister and I got yelled at for saying indirectly that he should visit his only living sister in the nursing home.

We did go to the fair-it was fun. Mom wanted to go but couldn't get ready to go early. I spent a lot of time looking for little things for her. I think I spend about $15 on two boxes of things. I got a large cobalt blue vase that will look great in the kitchen or in the middle of the dining room table. I got these little flat ceramic trees as a backdrop for my bunny collection. A local store (or the hospital gift shop) must donate things that didn't sell or they have too much of. They had cute ceramic pieces like mermaids and little mice. I got a teapot, but when I got it home I noticed it had some of the enamel burnt off the bottom-I don't dare put that on my stove. I'll use it as a flower pot. Now I have two teapot-green and blue-a collection.
I saw my uncle's step granddaughter at the fair. She said how mean he was to her and her mom. My uncle is the same age as Bri's dad. Why do some older people have to act like the world is against them when we only have their best interests in mind? I don't get it.


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