Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Sean and I went to my mom's with the intention of putting in a shade garden under her lamp post and next to her driveway. It was a bit of a belated Mother's day gift, in addition to the other things I already gave her. Anyway, it turned from about an hour project to a 3+ hour one! Mom's neighbor, who is a gardener herself, came over with clippers and tripled our plans. She was cutting down Japanese maples and branches; dug up daylilies and moved them next to a shed and replanted them! My shade garden did get pretty much finished (I forgot my camera).
First we stopped at a nursery and picked up 2 bags of top soil and some impatiens (light pinks and lilac-I wanted white, but they didn't have any) and begonias. When we got to mom's, Sean dug out orange daylilies (different ones from the ones I planted last year) around the lamp post. We dumped in the topsoil and then I started planting-first the barrenwort wild hyacinth(?), and hosta I brought from here. Then the impatiens and begonias. I dug about 10 pounds of stones out of this bed-it is next to the driveway! Mom started digging out daylilies in another garden and Sean took over. Sean worked really hard and I am so proud of him. I hope our work gets my mom outside more as she's been staying in bed a lot lately.
After Wendy's, we hit Boscov's garden center (like the one I went to last week with the great prices and plants) and we loaded up on much more for mom's gardens. I got some white bleeding hearts and white astilbe for the shade garden along with red salvia, and other colorful shade loving annuals. They will go in next visit.

Glad to get home as we are both exhausted and I have a swollen gland in my neck-I get it off and on and it feels weird. I think I've had that problem all my life and finally figured it may be from allergies. I took Claritin too and may use a spray of Flonase.

My 'hippie boys' won The Amazing Race-woo-hoo! Remember my previous post about them? They beat out the jerks who everyone called 'the frat boys' even though they stated at the end that they were college drop outs. They couldn't figure out the flags from the countries they had been in, (to get to the finish line first)in the right order and that's how the hippies won as they were smart fellas.
Off to take a much needed shower. Ahhhhh...


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