Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gonna be a quiet day

I plumb wore myself out, plus I need to get off my feet if you get my drift. 'It' was kind enough to leave me alone for the days I had to get things accomplished in the kitchen. Of course I am seeing tons of touch ups on the kitchen walls as I am a perfectionist. I wish I could take a small brush and 'cut in' like they do on all the decorating shows. The blue tape works well, but it takes some practice. The peach color is gone. Bri's parents painted that for us way back in Sept. '86 before Sean's arrival.
Friday we get the floor. They give themselves a nice open window on when they will arrive-between 8 am-6pm. Brian was worried about them getting behind the fridge because of the water line, but last night we pulled it out so I could get back there and paint. We did have to unplug the frig for a while though. I am getting a light honey maple laminate (in salute to the old cabinets and the other wood in the house) which is guaranteed for life.
I just had the Home Depot inspector call about the knobs. I was short-changed 12 knobs! The designer at HD didn't count them correctly. I am also getting 3 other doors and a drawer. Two cabinets came without doors as they were pulled before shipping because they were damaged or something. The rest weren't finished nicely. That's one good thing about HD, anything you don't like, they will replace.
I'm a bit bummed because the countertop people are getting back to me about the template making part of their job. I got in touch with someone yesterday and she told me the scheduler should be getting back to me in '24 hours'. Time's up! Not having counters and a sink for a week so far is the pits.
Think I'll kick my feet up and do some reading or stitching. I got the Keepsakes NeedleArts catalog and there are so many gorgeous things in it. I bookmarked a page that has listed 'Plant Kindness', a small 7" x 5" kit by Katherine White and 'Ladybug gardeners' a kit by Ingrid. There are many more designs that caught my eye, but I may splurge on these two.

No countertop or sink until about the 3rd week of May! The marble people finally got back to me about the template-that is next Wednesday. Then we get the counters about 2 weeks later. I called the kitchen project manager about it and I have to call him back when we know the installation date. I had noticed one of my spice drawers in the dish rack cabinet isn't straight and I told him about it. He'll look at it when he comes back to install the sink. It's going to be a long 3 weeks!


  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Sorry to hear about your setback, but hopefully it will all come out perfectly in the end.

    Cute projects you've pictured. :-)


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