Sunday, April 23, 2006

Getting my stitchin' groove back

Maybe it's because my mind isn't racing about things that I actually sat tonight and enjoyed the stitching I did. My friend who assembles the charity quilts received Independence Hall yesterday and said she really liked it. Nice ego booster. When you live with two guys, you don't get many compliments.
I almost had a bird last night because I thought for sure that the new sink wasn't going to fit in the counter. No, the sink isn't in yet, forgot to mention that I think. It's been interesting washing dishes in the basement because I have to drag the full dishpan down the steps and lean over so much. Plus who wants to wash dishes-ugh-how can some people love it? I've had no volunteers to help me. I think I really turned against dishwashing from having to do it for almost 3 yrs. Plus my friend in high school got a nasty cut from sticking her hand in soapy water where a glass had broken-that was pretty scary. I had the Home Depot guy call me back and he eased my mind telling me that a 22" sink will fit in a 24" cabinet (though the space is only 19" or so)-guess something is getting cut out.
I am patting myself on the back for only having about 4 boxes left to unload. A few of them are countertop stuff, which I am going to be very selective about putting out again. One of the purposes of this remodel was regaining counter space. I was telling Bri I have a huge bag of 'junk' from the 3 drawers near the old stovetop. You know, things like the little corn on the cob holders. I am investing a few dollars in getting those plastic shoe boxes for sure. I'm having trouble with where to put the lids to pots and the plasticware-I still have an entire bag of them. Time to bite the bullet and toss a bunch. I am going to line up all the utensils and select maybe two of each and donate the rest. Mom said she wants my old Oster standmixer. It's out of here. I got it for a wedding gift and it comes with a blender and food chopper. I don't need either. And I did buy an ice cream maker attachment-way back when and used it like 2 times.
I've been so blue about my friend. I don't know if mom calling and telling me my brother may move can to Penna. is a good thing. We haven't seen him for 4 yrs. But if he is willing to help her and fix up her house, then it is. I think her boarder will have to move out. Don has a dog, a cat, fish and birds, so he will bring a family too. I'll believe it when I see it, but he is missing out being with his family.


  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Von said…

    Washing the dishes during a kitchen remodel is definitely the worst part of the whole process. I didn't have to haul dishes up and down stairs, so I sympathize with you Dianne. I washed dishes in the bathtub on the same level - with terrible backaches as a result.
    I'm so sorry for your friend's loss.


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