Friday, April 21, 2006

Very weary

I'm in 'kitchen heaven', but totally exhausted from getting up at 6:15 am. Good thing I did, as the appliances came at 7:30. Brian had to borrow the electrician's wire cutter to clip the water line on the frig as the Home Depot guy didn't.
It took me an hour to clean up the cardboard and the junk around the yard this morning. The old cabinets are feeling rain for the first time in over 46 yrs tonight.
I have to get a nice step stool as I can only reach the lower two shelves on the upper cabinets. I started to load up the cabinets and had to give it up.
Sean rented some movies, one of which was Dreamer with Dakota Fanning, a cute horse story like Seabiscuit. He knows I like her and it was 'feel good' flick.
I'll get the kitchen tidied up a bit and take more photos to share over the weekend. I have the same ugly glue showing on the backsplash and the same floor, but everything else (not the door or window either) are new. I won't have a sink for a few weeks, so I'll lugging a dishpan up and down the basement steps.
Next few purchases-the backsplash tile and the Kitchen aid stand mixer-I have $125 in Macy's gift cards for it!
Our first meal-hotdogs on the awesome smooth surface range.
Just had to leave this post to rescue Cosmo as he had gotten himself stuck in the triangle area of a corner cabinet (no countertop). I was the only one who could reach down and grab him by his the neck. I don't even know how he knew that space was there.


  • At 9:52 AM, Blogger Lee said…

    Hey Dianne!!

    I haven't been visiting blogs lately, so today I was catching up. You know what I discovered? I have the very same honey colored cabinets with the very same hardware in my kitchen! Except mine are in much, much worse condition.

    We're looking to remodel this summer or fall, depending on the cabinet maker and the contractor. I'll be watching your blog with interest!

    And by the way, thank you for your caring comments on my blog.


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