Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let there be white!

Ugh! Look at that 46 yr old glue that was under the 'backsplash'
What a mess-we decided to get a dumpster-wise choice.
Check out my waterlilies!

And lookie what it is starting to shape up to be! I thought it it was 'more buttery' but it looks so clean and new. See that cabinet to the left? The finish at the top looks kinda smeared and not very attractive. There are a few doors that we want the Home Depot inspector to check out. The guys (including the electricians) will be back between 7-8 am and the appliances are coming between 7-11! I guess I'll be emptying out the frig about 6:30, but it should take a matter of minutes because most of the food is in crates.
The weather was very summerlike with temps around 80. I need to water a few things! All the bedrooms will be in darkness tonight because of the electric work. Should be interesting.


  • At 5:23 PM, Blogger Susimac said…

    I'm watching this with great anticipation, its gonna look wonderful, I love those units you've chosen.
    Love your wee nest too, hope the eggs hatch.

  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Von said…

    Dianne, your cabinets are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more as the new stuff is installed. :D Is you tile backsplash going to go from counter to upper cabinets? I was able to find a nice-looking tile at a good price to cover the entire space and that is the wow factor in my new kitchen - it makes everything else look top of the line, lol!

  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Nancy in IL said…

    Dianne, I'm so very happy for you! Those cabinets are just gorgeous, and with that ocean blue, it would be right up my alley. Blue is my favorite color, and my house shows it. It's so soothing, and I've never tired of it. It will be absolutely perfect with those beautiful cabinets! Thanks for sharing your progress. I look forward to it all.


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