Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am not flexible-part 2

I was to go visit my mom and take her a keyboard for her Webtv, but I am having sinus problems and I am just so fatigued (probably from the pilates and staying up too late). I hate to disappoint her, but going to her house is a long, stressful trip for me. She hasn't driven out here since last June because of her shingles. I'll probably get my act together tomorrow.
I was watching Martha and she had this country singer on who I have never heard of:

His name is Billy Currington and his birthday-Nov. 19th! (I looked him up).

He's a pretty decent singer.

And he has eyes like my friend Chris. So Chris, you look like Billy, Steve Carell and Jeff Foxworthy. ; )

See what I mean? This is Chris and me taken in Dec. '02 at his sister's house.

We hadn't seen each other since Sean was a baby.

We've know each other since I was about 6 and he was about 3.


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