Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sick Saturday

Not a long post here as we are all exhausted as Sean came down with a stomach virus around midnight. It's one of those ones where you even toss the tea and jello. He still feels weird, but he had a frozen fruit bar around 1:30 and that stayed down. I have given him two bowls of chipped ice. That saved me years ago when I was sick as a dog (could barely move off the sofa). My mom was about to take me to the ER and got out her trusty home remedy book and it said 'try chipped ice'. We had problems with Sean when he was about five. I think I gave him cough medicine that was too strong for him (on suggestion of our doctor) and he wouldn't stop vomiting after 12 hours. They looked him over and sent him home only for us to take him back again the next day. He was on intravenous for a few hours and that did the trick . After that he wanted a cheeseburger.
I am hoping that Bri and I don't get it, but we all share the same bathroom. I just had that stomach bug that sent me to the doctor less than 2 weeks ago. All I can do is cross fingers.
Footnote 2/6
Sean had a 24 hour bug. He was more like himself today. Of course we are major bummed about the Eagles, but at least they are 2nd best and only lost by three points. It would have been nice for them to win for Sean's senior year.


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