Thursday, February 03, 2005


It's just crazy in these parts! I personally am counting the days and I sure hope the Eagles win! That would be so awesome. And it would be a highlight of Sean's senior year too. The guys are so excited. I think Sean has two championship shirts, Brian has one. Brian came home with a banner for Sean tonight. Think I should get myself a pink Eagle's hat? I have a pink Phillies one. The news sportscasters are all down in Jacksonville, FL. Heard the Eagles are practicing in a high school gym. My favorite version of the 'fight song' is when groups of kids take turns singing the lines.
Eagles Fight Song

Fly Eagles fly, on the road to victory.
Fight Eagles fight, score a touchdown 1-2-3.

Hit 'em low,
Hit 'em high,
And we'll watch our Eagles fly.

Fly Eagles fly on the road to victory.

~~~ on a sad note, a junior at Sean's school was knifed and died in Mexico visiting family. Sean didn't know the boy, but he was clearly shook up by it. We have lots of Mexican immigrants in these parts and I guess they save up to visit grandparents in the old country. The school is raising money for the family.


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