Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sean thinks he's rich...

You know those Coinstar machines in the supermarket? Well my son was itching to cash in a load of coins. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go tonight (procrastinator like his dad), but I told him to take my stash (he left me half) of coins and that he could put the money toward his Senior class trip to Williamsburg. So he went...came home with over $38! Counted the moola in front of me. Now he doesn't have to blow all his money on the final installment for the trip. He also made 'Distinguished honors' on his report card. His teacher for Economics gave him a lousy C-, but he got mostly 'A's and 'B's in his other classes. Millersville doesn't know what they are missing.
I was a bit peeved because a message I wrote in a group discussion got deleted. They love to do this there, treat me like I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground! It was because I wrote the word 'copy'. Ok, I got these patterns off the web and they were complimentary. I never used them. Told the group, you can have my 'working copies' of these pattern-the post was like #10. We are allowed to have a working copy of any design of cross stitch. I had one copy of each pattern, never duplicated them or planned to. Was suggesting my copies for a charity quilt. Got chewed out in ever so nice a way. Like the cross stitch police are coming to get me. There are more important things to worry about in this rat race of a world. I love doing my charity work, but I am getting fed up with people like the above. I swear that I will never copy and send patterns to 100s of people! I respect the designers as I would love to design myself someday. John Stossel would say... 'Give me a break!'


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