Sunday, January 30, 2005

Old tv stars unite

I'm feeling old, really old. Now Happy Days is having their 30th reunion. I swear that show was on when I was in 9th grade, so actually it's more like the 31 year reunion-did they forget last year? We all loved this show in junior high. I remember we started having sock hop dances. My brother and I dressed up for one. There's a photo of us together somewhere, one of my favorite photos of the two of us. Don had his hair greased and parted on the side. I think he had on a sweater vest over his dress shirt with rolled up jeans. I had on a pretty pink dress (one of my mom's) with a pink sweater. My long hair was in a pony tail with a scarf accent.
The other night Brian was flipping channels (as usual) and landed on the TV Land awards show, which turned out to be a year old. (Isabelle Sanford aka Weezie from The Jeffersons made an appearance but died last summer).There was Bob Denver aka as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, with snow white hair. Dawn Wells aka as Mary Ann looked great, did she age at all ?She has a company called Wishing Wells that help people who have trouble with clothing fasteners like zippers etc. She helped design easy to wear clothes. But all the people from the shows I loved when I was a kid, even Ron Howard aka as Richie Cunningham are getting up there, his red locks gone on the top. Goes to show that even tv stars age like the rest of us, but maybe not Barbara Eden! (Di-trivia-I saw Ms. Eden in a summer stock rendition of The Sound of Music at the Valley Forge Music Fair when I was a kid).

~Update-according to the most recent issue of TV Guide, yes indeed Happy Days premiered in January of 1974! So that's 31 yrs ago. I was right.
~Footnote-2-3-05-watched the Happy Days reunion show (and missed The Apprentice but saw who got the boot in the last few minutes). I was pleasantly surprised by it. They all seem like nice people. Joanie didn't love Chachi as they sat on opposite sides of the room and didn't appear to talk or touch.


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