Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How blog was created

Hey, I'm not going into details, it's in the 'Person of the Year' Time magazine (Dec 27-Jan 3). You know who the Person of the year is already. I found it interesting that John Hinderaker (what a surname!) starting blogging on Memorial Day weekend, 2002 at his kitchen table. The name of the blog was called Powerline. (I am not endorsing JH's political views, just showing you who he is and the first 'blog') The rest is blogistory! So I was going through the blog links in the article and wasn't impressed except by the guy who claims to make 5k a month on his blog through ads. It was just all click throughs when I went there. The icing on the cake was the Bill Clinton daily diary. They say it's a bunch of bull-totally fabricated (hmmm.. a paypal donation link is on the page?). What do you think?

Mom came over for a few hours. She had her overnight bag with her, but I discouraged her from staying (she didn't ask, but I did tell her it's an open invitiation to sleep over). It's the middle of the week, the guys have to get up at the crack of dawn and don't want to walk around on egg shells. She was bummed, but a little shopping brightened her up. She is better, but taking 1.5 pain pills a day instead of the 1/2 of pill she took at the end of the '04. Too bad the doc tried to switch her off. She showed me her little belly bulge to prove she isn't a bone any more. Funny mom!


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