Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dead or Alive?

This sounds a little morbid, but in fact this is a very interesting website. Not only does it answer its own question, you get to see who has a birthday today, who shares your birthday, who croaked on your birthday, who died young etc. For instance, I believe it was the late Sharon Tate's birthday a few days ago. I only knew this because I was looking at the above site. And by coincidence, Brian was watching 'Valley of the Dolls' which she was in and was she really gorgeous too.
Speaking about celebrities, I've always enjoyed following them because of my mom. She use to play with celebrity paperdolls when she was little in the 1930-40s. (She said she had them for years until they got ruined in a flood or something). Now mom collects the Tom Tierney Dover Publications paperdolls. So through her, I knew all the old time movie stars and all the dirt surrounding them. I had a major crush on Rhett Butler aka Clark Gable. Sounds weird since he died when I was a baby, but he was a dashing gent. And I just read that he died 3 days before my first birthday. And I loved his one wife Carole Lombard.
If you really want to explore dead celebs or famous people look here.


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