Thursday, January 27, 2005

Poor deer

Just looked at the thermometer and it's a balmy 14 degrees out. So glad I food shopped yesterday. I ate almost the breakfast I was suppose to-2 turkey sausage links with a regular English muffin and a slice of honeydew. They wanted me to eat a whole wheat muffin. I want to make the beef stew for dinner, so will have to sub the lunch for something else as I don't want to eat beef for two meals in a row.
So I got up and looked out the bay window and there is a deer across the stream and up on the hill. He is just sitting there with his head up like a statue. Brian said he had been there hours! If he wasn't wild, I'd surely him in and lay him by the fire. I wish he would snuggle up next to another deer for warmth!
Yesterday probably the same deer and his sibling walked right through the backyard close to the house. I had to show Cosmo the cat and he was really interested! When they took off down the hill, Cosmo did a double take like, 'what the heck?'
As I said earlier, it's all the new houses around here pushing the deer closer to my house. The land behind us is very hilly, so I don't see houses there in the near future, hopefully. So that means with deer in my yard, I'll have more ticks which can carry Lyme Disease, and I don't care to get a double dose of that. I heard there are Guinea hens that eat ticks, through Christie Brinkley when she was on the Rosie O'Donnell show a few years ago. Seems that both women lived in Connecticut and had tick problems. Christie bought the hens and it helped! I wouldn't mind having them though they are dirty and their coops need cleaning out all the time. I am sure hawks or other wild life would be interested in them as a snack. I wouldn't mind having a few sheep and goats, but don't know if we are allowed to. The guys wouldn't want to be bothered either. What to do, what to do?


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