Friday, January 28, 2005

Paul from Penncrest!

Well this is totally freaky and without tribe, I wouldn't have found out about Paul DiMeo coming from my hometown of Media, PA.

I joined The Ty Pennington tribe there and was going through their Ty links and went to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show one. I had just told the gals there that my second favorite person on the above show was, you guessed it Paul! So I went to his bio page and lo and behold, the second paragraph said he was from Media! Now this is driving me crazy because I don't remember him and I liked a lot of people in his class. I saw his name in the Penncrest alumni book and he graduated in '76, the year before I did. Now I am hoping that the kid with glasses who touched the merchandise without asking in the stairwell at the old Media Jr high was not Paul! I told my son this and he got a good laugh. When and if I find the '76 yearbook, I am scanning his photo and sharing!
A little update: Paul probably has a sister Dianne! Now this is getting bazaar!! I happen to be looking at a Penncrest Alumni page and saw a Dianne DiMeo B-something.


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