Friday, January 21, 2005

Red sparkles

The other day I was hustling down our long hallway and something caught my eye. There were red dots moving on the wall! An extraterrestrial? Now we have hardly had any sun in 2 weeks, so this was even more dazzling to me. What it turned out to be was my grandmom's necklace! It was hanging down from the front of a birdhouse on a stand I have in our bedroom. Mom decided to give me these round red crystals for Christmas. I'd say they are at least 2 feet or more long, so you can wrap them around or leave them hanging long. Mom, my grandmom and I have all worn them for special occasions. The thing is, the clasp is weak and I am afraid to wear them until they get fixed. So I hung them on this stand on the perch area. On the roof is this jeweled bodice that I found over at my f-in-law's house that belonged to Brian's mom. It's definitely from the 1940s or50s. It's my favorite color mostly of teal/aquamarine with pretty beadwork, etc.
Speaking of Brian's mom, she is in my dreams every once in a while. She passed away in August, 1996. Now the men here had no memorial service or anything, so to me there was never any closure like we had for my grandmom. The dreams are so weird. I tell Brian I think his mom is trying to tell me something. She just shows up and I ask her where she's been. Then I feel strange because I have some of her possessions like jewelry that Bri's dad gives me for almost every holiday. Then I wake up! Dreams are funny things. I talked to my great aunt not that long ago. I found this...
Dreams of Grief 2 Patricia Garfield
Are these dream images of the dead simply memories of them, infused by
our imagination, to help us cope with grief during bereavement? Are they part of
an internal process we employ to adjust to loss and assist us in solving daily
problems? Or are dream images of the dead actual encounters with the spirit of
the deceased? Elisabeth Kübler-Ross thinks they are, calling dreams about the
dead "true contacts on a spiritual plane."1
There is no way yet known to prove either position: that dreams about the
dead are "real" contacts; or that they are images conjured by the dreamer to
meet psychological needs. Regardless of what may be the facts, we know that
bereaved people dream about the lost person; that their dreams are
exceptionally vivid, emotionally packed, and may dramatically alter the life and
belief system of the dreamer.

So the snow is coming. Over a foot maybe? I went to the food store yesterday, that was a smart move! Mom went today and had to wait in a mile long line. I did run out to mail off some eBay stuff and get a few things at the drugstore. I plan to clean while cabin bound.

Sean is finished his midterms and stopped by the video store and rented out three movies, one of which is Garden State. I have Zach Braff's blog over on the side bar there. I like Zach. He reminds me somewhat of a Jewish version of a guy I had a major crush on in college. The guy turned out to be gay. (I still think about him, darn you John!)We watched the movie and it was pretty good. Gee, I'm almost a Jersey girl, ya know? Sean is watching the bloopers now. They were pretty funny.They said the 'f' word way too much. Why is that word so popular? Call me old-fashioned, but as my mom always said, and I agree, it shows a lack of vocabulary. Not to say it doesn't slip out of my mouth once in a while, but I feel guilty saying it afterwards (is it a mom thing?). Anyway, the soundtrack is awesome. And now I want to see Natalie Portman in the movie version of the book I'm reading-Where the Heart is.


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