Thursday, January 20, 2005

Language of Flowers Amaryllis

This is from a lovely book I have.
Amaryllis means:
The dazzling splendour of the amaryllis in full bloom has often been compared to a haughty, beautiful woman, in her prime and fashionably dressed, who eclipses the quiet attractions of those all around her, although their beauty is often destined to outlast that of their proud and disdainful rival.
"When Amaryllis fair doth show, the richness of her fiery glow,
The modest lily hides her head; the former seems so proudly spread
To win the gaze of human eye, which soonest brightest things doth spy.
Yet vainly is the honour won, since hastily her course is run;
She blossoms, blooms-she fades, she dies-they who admired, now despise."
A humbling lesson to the young and vain. The word amaryllis signifies splendour in the Greek language.


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