Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Eating into blogger time...

Things have been moving rapidly here meaning that Sean has heard from 3 out of 4 colleges he applied to. He got accepted at Penn State annexes in Delaware Co and Altoona Pa-got the big 'welcome' package. Then he got two rejections-one on Saturday and one today. Something was wrong with Sunday's letter. Said his academics were not good. Being a doting mom, I just couldn't let that one go. So I wrote a letter to the director of admissions reminding him that Sean has a 3.0+ average. Not only as a senior, but through all this high school years. Didn't the assistant director from the above mentioned school call us tonight! I didn't answer at first because I wanted to compose myself and be able to reply without stumbling as I was nervous. He called back after I had left a message and said that they hadn't seen both Sean's ACT and SAT grades. So he said the director didn't know what to do about Sean and handed him the letter. He said because my boy is so studious, he should be accepted! So he wants me to call tomorrow to confirm Sean's acceptance now. Woo-hoo-where are we getting all the money for this expensive school!? (financial aid would similar to the cost of a modest house). Let's say, maybe Sean will go here a year or two, if he wants to go there.
We were bummed about the other school dropping the bomb on him. I have an email to them too. We'll see if I get another call.
Also got 'dared' to start a group on MSN because most of my friends from a Yahoo group aren't budging and staying put there. Three of the ladies from Yahoo joined my group! I have all my stitching pals (most of them-hey Mindy!!!) as members. It should be a fun group!
Almost finished a very involved cross stitch piece for Love Quilts. If I wasn't on here, I'd of finished it up tonight. No more backstitching for a while.


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