Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I absolutely hate this kind of weather. We go from the high 60s not even a week ago to 0 wind chill today. Sean is taking my van every day this week he has to go in. It's mid-term week for him. Tomorrow he doesn't have any. Thursday he is visiting the guidance office to see if she can help him make up his mind about college.
My scale isn't being nice to me. I don't feel like I've gained 5-6 pounds. It's because I am stuck inside and can't walk it off I guess. I have been snacking more too. I am telling Brian to drink water when he feels hungry, and I am not living by my own words.
My mom had wanted me to watch a show on Lifetime called 'How Clean is Your House?' I finally caught a couple of back-to-back episodes last night. It is hosted by two English ladies, Kim and Aggie-60ish I guess. The houses they went to 'inspect' were some of the nastiest places I have ever seen. The ladies actually get down on their knees to smell spots, etc. I guess they have strong stomachs! They also will take dust or pet hair samples and get them analyzed. There was some bad stuff in the two homes-black mold and something else that could make your lung bleed! Now the question to me is how could two fairly intelligent people let their homes go to pot? They weren't invalids. The man was retired but worked on cars all day long. The woman, who was a little younger than me, worked. Who lets cats take dumps under the bed where you sleep? Cat poo is really strong. How could she just ignore that? So they go back to the houses in 2 weeks, and the man kept his looking really nice. The lady had piled stuff in her living room again, but said she is 'going through it slowly' and taking it to the thrift shop. She needs to join 'Hoarders Anonymous!'
I did call Quiznos, not Quizmos-lol and complain about the sad Philly cheesesteak we brought home Sunday night. The guy sounded like he wasn't that much older than Sean. Said they weighed the meat for the sandwich. I said, no way was that enough meat for a large sandwich. He said I could come in and 'have one on the house'. Said to say 'King' okayed it. I don't know too many people with that as a first name, or maybe it was his last name that he goes by. But then Sean said, 'It's Martin Luther KING day!' I actually made Brian call the place up a few hours later to confirm that King did work there and he did.


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