Sunday, January 16, 2005

Miles and miles....and then the Golden Globes

Our day was a little hectic. We found our way up to the Delaware Valley College (60 miles one way) that Sean was thinking about attending and in the dead of winter, it was nice, small and not really exciting. Beautiful land and lots to do down on Rt 202. Sean and I got out of the car (we had to take the Taurus and it was really cramped for me in the back). I took some photos of the buildings-some were really old and needed paint. Sean even posed in front of the library.
We went down the road 10 miles to a favorite restaurant that serves brunch called 'Cock and Bull' and enjoyed that. It was so chilly today and to walk in and see the huge hearth and a fire burning made it warm and inviting. The food here is I think prepared by cooking students. They have the best pastries and even had red velvet cakes-petite fours dipped in white icing.
We had seen a few places we wanted to go on the way home, but Brian didn't get on the correct road after brunch and we ended up missing the stores. We also got off at the wrong exit on the PA turnpike and had to backtrack. We don't travel that often and seem to always do this everytime. I don't know if this dampened Sean's prospects about going to school there. I told him you just get use to the trip and will know it like the back of his hand in no time.
We stopped at my mom's and did a few things for her-I vacuumed, Brian was checking her older car out, Sean was moving things around. Mom seems better.
On the way home we stopped and drove around Penn State, Delaware County, the college Sean could attend if he lived at home. It's about 18 miles away. Brian went there and said it's much larger (buildingwise) than what it use to be.
We got home and vegged. No one was hungry, but Bri and I split a Philly cheesesteak from Quizsno. It was a joke. Hardly any meat in it and full of that gross white cheese sauce and too many onions. I knew the girl who made it, she's in Sean's class at school. I plan to call and complain about the joke of a hoagie that cost $6.99. Here's what a real Philly Cheesesteak looks like.
We watched the Golden Globes. Of course Robin Williams was hysterical and poignant at the end of his endless 'comedy routine' when he mentioned Christopher Reeve being an angel.
I must be getting old or something, as I didn't see most of the shows or movies that were nominated. I think there are a lot of cable shows we don't get. I like to see what the celebs are wearing too. I could never even afford one of their shoes!


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