Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just joined ediets.com

This wasn't exactly the best day for me to join a diet group, but seeing the scale at the doctor's office made me realize I need to at least try something. I saw the commercial for ediets on tv over the last few days. One thing I wouldn't want to do is get weighed in front of a group of people and losing weight in the privacy of my own home sounded better to me. ediets.com is less than $12.00 a month. You have to stay with them for at least 3 months. I like that you can change your diet plan, etc. I had the first printed out that included
milk and dairy. I can't hack drinking milk, never could. So I took off the milk and added a few meals of fast food. I have chosen packaged foods and
meals you have to prepare from scratch. What's nice is that you can print out the meal plans, the recipes and the store list-yippee! And the meals sound pretty good. I'll keep you posted on when I actually start. I have a weigh-in on the 1st of Feb. hope I at least lose a few pounds. I told them it was going to take me over 6 months to lose 40 odd pounds. I need to start exercising more too. All this food talk is hurting my stomach. I had a grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds for dinner and that was on the list, but had milk companion. I had ice tea.


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