Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Doing better

I do feel better today. I still am not 100% (still have that burning occas), but that's to be expected. I always hope I don't pick up a companion bug when I have to go to the doctor. I was hungry this morning. Not ready for the ediet yet since I had to go grocery shopping first. I did go and had an elaborate shopping list which I left folded up on the table! I did forget some things like brown rice and tofu (wonder why?), so we had a stir fry for dinner. I wasn't really going to go to the store, but since it warmed up to around 40 I headed out.
I had a piece come off the front of my lower tooth chip off last night. Darn-I was just at the dentist a week ago today and think that's where I picked up the bug I had. It's a filling right next to the gum line. I wondered why it felt like a crater near my gum and some ugly brownish tooth was showing there! So I made an appt to go on Friday to get it fixed. Sometimes the dentist will fix a tooth and if he feels he was the one who messed up, then he won't charge. I'm not holding my breath though.
We got a letter from 'Pillsbury' with the Delaware Valley College address. Seems the Vice Prez of Operations went to the same school and is recommending this. I would have loved to get a little doughboy as a gift from him!
Speaking of college-Sean is pretty sure he is attending Penn State down near my mom's in Delaware County in the fall. He will have to get a car and he wants one really bad.
Did you happen to see Oprah's miracle show yesterday? It was really neat. One couple met because the guy was the woman's only match in like 5 million to be her bone marrow donor. She had leukemia and was given about 9 months to live. Well, Diana and David met, became friends and fell in love! That is truly a Valentine's Day story. Imagine falling in love with the only person who could save your life! Pass me the chocolate please! : )


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