Thursday, January 06, 2005

Did you feel the earth move....?

Ok, I'm just being silly. I mean I was actually sorting and tidying up my desk and eBay stuff. I tossed about 2 yrs worth of old sale receipts from eBay and went through the printer paper and stuff. When we got the new desk, it ate some storage space, plus I wanted to put my 'eBay box' in the corner in the family room out of my living room where it is hidden more. I hope it works out in here as I don't have a great writing surface. Yet another desk with no real writing space. I may set up a tv tray (we have nice wooden ones) or use my lap desk (from Bombay that I haven't really used). It's nice to utilize space and items. The problem is one of our speakers needs to be mounted on one of the walls next to the desk. I'm holding my breath. It's stuck in the corner here right now.
Brian came home with a swollen right arm! It's below his elbow and is warm to the touch. Maybe he lifted the trash bins incorrectly last night and pulled a muscle.
One of my friends from a Yahoo groups was bad mouthing blogs. Now she knew me and another lady have had one for a few months and I was kinda pissed about what she wrote. This particular lady has a humorous writing style, similar to Erma Bombeck. I told her a blog is right up her alley. No response yet. This Yahoo group is a nice group of ladies, but I really am getting annoyed by the format. I get 'daily digests' and there are at least 2-3 of them with 25 messages in each. I have to scroll through either really long messages or short ones and many of the ladies have 'signatures' with what they are stitching on, where their photos are, etc. Too much. I complained again about it and suggested they move to MSN groups-nice and tidy. I even sent an example of a site (and I know the moderator too). Let's see what they say. If anything is 'out of style' it's the Yahoo groups. I use to be joined to a dozen and whiddled it down to maybe 5. I am a group leader of a James Taylor group, took it over from someone, and hardly get any posts there. The best find for me was Tribe! I love meeting people and all the quirky groups that you can join.


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