Monday, December 04, 2006

Hanging tight and ordering

I feel so good to have 6 things ordered for Bri and Sean. The only thing is they are each coming from 6 different places. So I am crossing fingers that the sellers who all have great feedback will be on the ball and get them out within the next few days. I ordered most of Sean's wish list on Amazon-$60 for 4 things-can't beat that. I'll have to get him a few little surprises. We promised to cut back because of the expense of the kitchen. Bri is getting a cool surprise too. I'm afraid he'll read this, so I can't tell.
I am tossing the coin-it's between going out or decorating a bit. I want to hit Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx one of these days. Mom and I want to go to BJs Wholesale Club. (Update-went to TJ Maxx and only need to get a few more gifts now-yippee!)
My sister-in-law wants us to come to her house for Christmas eve instead of us eating out. She said we could bring some sides, so I'll be checking out my cookbooks for good ones. Any suggestions?
Sean is now bothered by a plugged ear. I was using a syringe at 11:45 last night. I'm afraid to hurt his eardrum, so he better go to the doctor to get it cleaned out. (Update-when he came home from classes, 'Dr. Di' cleaned it out and it worked this time! He was so relieved. That's mom stuff for ya). I definitely have tinnitus. I think it's mostly from my sinuses, but as I was reading up on it and saw where it said a loud noise may 'bring it on', and we walked out of the Lewis Black concert a few months ago to fireworks-just wondering (seems to be when it started up). I found a herbal remedy for tinnitus, so may order that, we'll see.
When I start to decorate more, I'll post photos. At least most of my Christmas cards are filled out and just need postage.


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