Thursday, November 16, 2006

So tired

I decided to go to mom's yesterday as she was begging me to put up some new dining room curtains for her. (I don't like them-they are a sand color-very plain. She did get some metallic copper valances too).To make a long 3 hours short, I cleaned the kitchen, raked leaves a bit, picked up flower pots and branches scattered around her yard and took out at least 6 bags of trash, many from the kitchen! She really needs to get a new side counter as the one she has is only good for surface space-the drawers are mainly all broken (Ikea is calling me). She has a small dining room with the following: 3 china cabinets (2 open, 1 with glass doors); a bookcase, a tv on a tv cabinet and 100s of cassette tapes and lps, a rectangular table and 4 chairs. No, you can't move around out there. I am going to talk her into getting rid of the tv and cassettes first.
After all the above, mom took me to the mall for dinner at Carrabba's, an Italian restaurant where I got my usual-Rigatoni Martino-with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled chicken. Mom got Chicken Piccata and spaghetti.
We went into Macy's and they were having a mother of a sale. I had a gift card and got a few lovely tops plus their big plush Snoopy(and radio). Mom bought me a chenille robe and eye makeup for my birthday. I wish I could have really 'shopped' but I was too pooped.
I went home being accused by Jim of throwing away his 'heirloom' fry pan. He even went out in the trash to look for it! He said that that 'cast iron' pan meant a lot to him. I didn't even toss it! It was in the oven and it needs to be seasoned. I was a bit peeved to say the least.
A lady we talked to while going through the 75% racks at Macy's said she had open heart by-pass surgery two weeks earlier! She was about in her 50s, hard to tell. She said they didn't even think she had a problem, but she woke up with arm pain and had to get the surgery. She smoked and now she says she can't even stand the smell of cigarettes. She said she learned the hard way about how smoking can effect you. She also said that she works at a nursing home and was going to see the patients as she loved them and spending time with them even though she was in housekeeping. I guess she is an angel to those people.
So I went home achy, stuffed up, ears ringing and with what is left of my grandmom's good china. A few pieces are chipped. All I have are a few bread plates and some cake plates. But they were my grandmoms, that's what counts.


  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    It sounds like an utterly exhausting day. I hope you've managed ro recover from it. Take care!!

  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    Thank goodness my mom is now in an apartment and had to get rid of tons of things before she moved it means there's no clutter in her apartment! lol Sure does sound like you had a busy day but the dinner and shopping part was a lot of fun:-) Ugh, don't you hate being accused of something you didn't do? Hope he felt bad when he found out the frying pan was in the oven!!! LOL You take care of yourself!! Hugs xox


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