Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Keeping a low profile

Not too much exciting happening lately. I am trying to get in the mood to tidy up before my brother Don comes up from Florida. I'm running out of time-he arrives Friday. I'm not sure if he will make it out here though. I have a feeling he'll pick seeing our Uncle Don over seeing the new kitchen. That's okay. I am probably going to my mom's to do a little cleaning today if my head clears up some. My sinuses are so stuffed they are making my ears ring! Blah.
Birthdays don't usually bother me, but I'm not crazying about getting that much closer to 50. Brian is only 4 months from 50, so I feel a bit better for me. ; )
I was down in my finished basement room(aka as storage room) looking for something the other day and decided to clear it out as my winter project. I happen to look down and found one of those fake wood shelves propped up against a plastic box. This is the room where the water comes in and the floor gets wet when we get too much rain. Well didn't that shelf have mold growing on it! I was totally grossed out. Makes me wonder what is under the paneling in there. Brian had given his childhood desk to Sean and when Sean gave it up, it ended up taking up space in that room. I would really like to put up our old rectangular dining room table so I have somewhere to craft and make a mess. Sean gave me the okay to get rid of his old toys (he is 20 for goodness sake) but to keep the Hot Wheels and Micromachines. I only have a handful of my old toys. Brian kinda pulled a face (and he calls me a pack rat!). That's what I plan to do-after the holidays. I want to get some super duper dust mask first too!


  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    It's always good to have a good clutter cleaning once in a while but then it's so hard to part with some of the clutter! lol I found it so hard getting rid of the boys' toys but I did keep their hot wheels, Star Wars stuff and a few other odds and ends.

  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger Kerri said…

    Sorting out clutter is one of my least favorite jobs! Ugh! I plan to do some during the winter.
    Our cellar is damp too after all the rain we've had this year. We're thinking of getting a dehumidifier.
    We actually saw just a hint of sunshine this afternoon. But it was gone very quickly! At least the temperatures are fairly mild.


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