Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yesterday was a glorious fall day in the 70s. We had Mr. S' funeral to attend and headed down to my mom's to get her and her pal and boarder Jim around 8:30. Google was kind to us and we got there in good time. We drove down a road where my grandmom ran a laundermat when I was a little kid. There were a lot of people there and the flowers and photo board (I bet Colleen, my s-in-law made it) were wonderful. Inside the coffin were pictures drawn by my niece and nephew. Tori's said 'I miss you Pop-pop' with a little girl's face drawn in that special 7 yr old style. Her brother's said something like 'rest in peace' and he drew a picture of a guitar-perfectly. There was also a bar coaster with autographs (not sure what that was all about) and a black cowboy hat. I had no idea he liked country music and could play guitar.
A Mormon guy officiated the service (this was new to me too). No music either. The part that made everyone dab their eyes was when Colleen said 'I see my dad in my Kenny' and that 'her mom was an angel to him as she took care of him so well'. Mrs. S. has lost weight and had an ashen complexion. I hope she takes care of herself better now.
We were in the funeral procession and we drove by their house first. I didn't know they did that, but it's an old tradition. We then went to the Media cemetery, close to where Colleen, Ken, the kids and mom live (where I grew up). We knew others resting there. That was hard on Colleen. She's been a strong, brave lady and I salute her for that.
I forgot to tell you that we drove by the church where Brian and I got married over 22 years ago (while in the funeral procession).
We went to our church last night and there was a baptism! So we almost touched all the sacraments yesterday.

A few famous Pennsylvanians passed away last week- newsman Ed Bradley and actor Jack Palance. Ed went to nearby Cheyney University. Jack, from Hazelton, won an Oscar for 'City Slickers'. When he accepted the Oscar, he did his infamous one armed push-ups. : )

Here are a few weird connections-I was crafting some bookmarks for my friends and needed a big eraser to wipe away some gluestick residue. Sean had one in his room and handed it to me-it had the same last name as Colleen's dad printed on it! Of all the names-it's not Smith either.
I was looking in my wallet and pulled out a folded piece of paper-it was Sean's eyeglass prescription dated 11-11-05, exactly a year from when it was written!


  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    Sounds like it was a very touching funeral and I'm glad you were able to go to it. It's always interesting to see some of the different traditions people have where funerals are concerned. I was so busy with my chocolates yesterday, I didn't have a chance to visit any blogs so I'm catching up with everyone this morning before I even do my post! lol


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