Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mower bagger-pfft!

Some critter had gotten into the bag of sunflower seeds I left on my low plant stand yesterday (smart). I had to pick up the stand and everything that was on it. Then I had to sweep off the seeds. I was using the broom to brush off leaves and then I just went and got the rake and garden cart. I was out there a while spiffing up the place. I got completely grossed up by seeing a little foot peeking out from leaves under behind the hedge. Not sure if it was a squirrel or a rat, I'm thinking squirrel, though I saw no signs of a bushy tail. I had to scoop it up with the rake (not easy) and he's under a pile of leaves in the back. I didn't feel like attending a rodent burial today.
I want the front yard to at least look nice for my brother's visit next week. I hope he'll be able to get out here. Four days is rather a short visit. And I'm actually helping myself by doing a little of the clean up in the fall rather than waiting for the spring. My sinuses and moldy leaves do not mix well.

Thursday is the funeral for my sister-in-law's dad. Not sure if either Brian or Sean can attend as it's a bad day for them. I'm sure Carl would say not to worry to them. He was laid back. He was interested in my eBay endeavors and wanted to sell an old Singer sewing machine he had. I looked up sewing machines to give him prices, but I doubt he ever sold it. My estranged father is also named Carl and he looks like Colleen's dad. We all thought that the first time we saw Mr. S.


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