Thursday, November 02, 2006

Like storing nuts for the winter

I put away most of my outdoor decorations yesterday. I have a lot of them and they go in crates or buckets. The only things I washed off were the water pumps from the pond and the bird bath. Everything else looked okay. When I take them out again in the spring and they look too faded, etc, I'll just toss them and look for others on sale. I was sitting resting on the bench (we had high 70s-real Indian Summer weather) and of course I can't think of one thing I had out this year that's more than 5 yrs old. Those things just don't last. I had to throw away my cute little green cart (that I assembled) because the bottom rotten out. I placed all the things in the shed and Brian had put in some large items like the glider and table, so I couldn't get them pushed in the corner. We have mice that get in there and phew-the smell. Mice are a pain. I found one making a nest in the corner of the door jam on the van! And that was in the parking lot of the shopping center-eek! I hope I ditched him on the 23 mile drive to my mom's on Tuesday.
It's cooler today and I am off to the store. We all love to snack (Bri and my downfall) and the only snack food we have are pretzels. I'll eat a few, but I like them with mustard and won't eat mustard at 10 at night.

Oh! And Happy Birthday to my friend Annemarie in the Netherlands! I mailed a little something for you. That was her cross stitched piece I just finished up.


  • At 9:09 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    You're so right, nothing they make these days seems to last more than a couple of years. I had bought a bunch of cute little things for the flower garden and ended up having to throw a lot of them out because of fading or the paint flaking right off. The only problems we've had with mice is in the garden...they tend to make nests in there and then eat at my potatoes, beets and cukes. We always have to set traps for them...we found out they do love peanut butter! lol I'm surprised none have ever gone in the two sheds we have...touch wood!

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger Annemarie said…

    Awww, thanks Dianne! I haven't been online except to write a few thank you mails, so this is the first time I visited your blog after days of cyber silence...


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