Friday, August 25, 2006

Waters are calming

Last night after I talked to my brother, he turned around and called mom. I know this because mom called me this morning. She said Ken really raked her over the coals. She was better with me, but the longer she talked, the more she drifted into her weary conversation about what was bugging me in the first place. Things are better though.
Sean was nice enough to take me to the hospital where my gyn is. Down the road in another YMCA that he went to and worked out in. I was left on the exam table for 30 minutes! When the midwife came in I told her my back was about to give out. I told her some of my bloodwork in June was a bit high. She had to add that she hoped my pap would turn out ok as I didn't sound like I was having much luck lately. How nice of her! I was glad to get out of there. Sean and I ended up in a Chinese buffet for a late lunch. Man that boy can eat!
I sure hope we get some rain over the weekend. I am just mostly using the hose and swinging it back and forth.
I signed up with Amazon to try my luck at selling books there. I still do eBay, but at least I can leave things up on Amazon for a few months before I have to relist. You know I utilize that site!
Have a great weekend!


  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    I'm sure you're happy THAT exam is over with!! I'm always nervous when I go for one and having to wait half an hour just makes it worse!! Hope your results turn out good!!


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