Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gardening in the Sahara

Welcome to the desert of s.e. Pennsylvania. No measurable percipitation for almost a month. The brown is slowly creeping into a large area of grass. The flowers and plants are getting brown on their edges even though I give them a drink almost daily. I'm like my friend Zoey, I am getting tired of watering and am starting to plan my indoor activities for the cooler months.
I haven't heard from my mom yet. I called her and left a message yesterday-nothing. She's making it very awkward. I don't know who she is b&m to since she isn't talking to me. Probably the boarder Jim. She'll give him a heart attack!
My friend K wrote and sent photos of herself with her boyfriend. They have proclaimed their love for each other. I am so sentimental, I got misty-eyed. My friend has been through so much in 5 yrs (operations, loss of beloved grandmom) I am thrilled for her. Only problem is her guy lives down south and she is in IL.
Tomorrow is the annual gyn visit-I'd rather go to the dentist! I ususally see the midwife-they seem more thorough then the doctor. I think they should check my fibroids this time as I seem to have problems associated with them. Sean said he would drive me down to the hospital. Wish me luck.
Today we will probably buy mulch for my fairly new flowerbed with the little box hedges. The tags say to mulch the little suckers, so I will. When it does rain, and that may be today (please Lord) then I will be a very happy gardener.
Slight update-unbeknownst to me, the fellas said it rained, just a little around 5am this morning. That is my usual 'dead to the world' time.


  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    Good luck at the doctor tomorrow..I don't enjoy those exams either but it's better to get them done:-) Your mom will eventually stop pouting and call you I'm sure...they do tend to act like children at times!! My flowers are starting to look poorly too, especially my petunias!


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