Wednesday, August 23, 2006


First: A magazine called Arthur Frommer's Smart Shopping. <----click my link and you get to read past issues! I'm only half through it and am getting shopping hints galore-i.e. Ten More Secrets of the Supermarket. Do you shop with a list? My mom doesn't. Let's not go there. They also suggest you look in the Latin food stuff aisle. I know the olive oil I buy from that section is at least a $1.00 cheaper. Do you buy flowers from the food store? That's another good suggestion-I've gotten a huge assortment of 'day old' or whatever flowers for about $3.00.
Anyway, if you like to shop, you'll like this magazine.
Second: I recommend Oxyclean! I had some staining in my new kitchen sink under the little plastic mats I have on the bottom to protect it. Well I tried Bon Ami, a Mr. Clean Sponge and then the Oxyclean. I filled the sink about an inch and stirred in a few teaspoons of Oxyclean. Lo and Behold, it took out the stains! I also tried it on a stain in the family room carpet and it literally pulled that one out right onto the paper towel I was using.
Third: coupon book-It cost $30-you get dozens and dozens of coupons. We took it to the beach and saved $38 on most of our meals. I think these make great gifts!
Fourth: My mom was telling me about a hardback cross stitch book she recently bought that I don't have. She paid $10.99 for it. I hopped on Amazon and found it for $3.69 or something like that. I also found a Sandra Lee Semi-homemade cookbook that I eyed at Walmart for $10 cheaper at Amazon. You have to look under 'used' when you check to see if the book you want is in stock. I bought a book for mom recently thinking it was a book about the area where she lived and it was another place in PA. I went to refund, printed out a label and stuck it on the box for a return. I am losing a little money on the postage for the refund, but at least I didn't have to keep a book I wasn't interested in.


  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Zoey said…

    I can vouch for the Oxyclean on the carpet...I use it all the time in heavily used areas like the hallway. I just get a bucket of water and a lot of oxyclean and scrub the whole hallway. It's hard work, but it's amazing how much dirt comes out.

  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    I've put the link in my favourites and will check them out later! I always make a list when I go for groceries and never misses, I buy way more than what's on my list! lol


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